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Navigating Google's SEO Landscape: Strategies for Sustainable Rankings

Explore the evolving world of Google's SEO with a focus on technical strategies to maintain sustainable rankings. Uncover the impact of recent core updates, understand key technical SEO tactics, and avoid content creation pitfalls.

By Sakshi
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In the fast-changing world of being online, it's super important to blend good content with smart SEO tricks to keep your spot on Google. As we go through 2024, knowing and using effective strategies is crucial, especially with Google making recent updates that shake up the online world.

Unveiling Google's Updates

Since September 2023, Google has made a bunch of updates to make searching better and keep users happy:

  1. Helpful Content Update (September 2023):

    • Likes content that answers questions or helps users.
    • Doesn't like websites that focus too much on SEO and not enough on what users need.
  2. Spam/Core Update (October 2023):

    • Cares about the quality of search results.
    • Punishes sites that do bad stuff like tricking users, hacking, using too many keywords, or spreading false info.
  3. Ranking Update (November 2023):

    • Wants more top-quality content.
    • Boosts rankings for sites that share valuable info.
  4. Reviews Update (November 2023):

    • Checks and improves how reviews are used in the content, especially when it influences users' choices.

Impact on Publishers and Marketers: Not following Google's rules can cause some big problems:

  • Traffic Drops: Many publishers see a huge drop in clicks and views, especially on Google Discover.

  • Visibility Loss: Some sites vanish from Google Discover and Top Stories, especially after the October 2023 update.

  • Money Loss: Less traffic means less money for publishers who rely on online ads.

  • Confusion: People are confused about why things changed and how to fix them.

  • Uneven Effects: Some sites, even big ones, are hit differently.

  • Location Changes: Traffic changes depending on where you are.

  • Web Story Spam: More low-quality Web Stories could push down other content.

Mastering Google with Technical SEO Tricks: To do well in Google's new way of ranking, focus on smart SEO tricks and don't just follow the latest trends. Gary Illyes from Google suggests making great content that helps users find what they need quickly.

Key Technical SEO Strategies:

  1. Good Website Structure and Navigation: Make sure your site is well-organized and easy to navigate for better Google rankings.

  2. Functionality: Ensure your site works well on all devices for a good user experience.

  3. Site Audits: Regularly check for issues like broken links and fix them.

  4. Core Web Vitals: Improve Core Web Vitals to make users' experience better.

Avoiding Content Creation Mistakes: Know the traps in making content to have a lasting online impact:

  1. Quality over Traffic: Having lots of visitors is good, but having valuable content is more important.

  2. SEO First, Content Second Mistake: Build a strong SEO foundation before focusing only on creating content.

  3. User Engagement Matters: Pay attention to how users interact with your site, like time spent and clicks, to see if your SEO efforts are working.


In the time of Google's ever-changing rules, getting good at technical SEO is the way to keep your online presence strong. By understanding the recent updates and avoiding content creation pitfalls, publishers and marketers can navigate the changing world of digital rankings successfully.