Short: Image SEO tips for Content Visibility

Creating unique and high-quality images can boost your website's visibility in Google's Image Pack, attracting more traffic

Optimizing image format is crucial: Choose JPEG for photos, PNG for high-quality images, WebP for smaller sizes, GIF for animations, and SVG for scalability

Compress images to improve load times without sacrificing quality, using tools like ShortPixel or TinyJPG

Using unique images instead of generic stock photos can make your site stand out and engage users better

Optimize image file names with descriptive keywords to help search engines understand your content

Write SEO-friendly alt text that describes images and includes relevant keywords for better accessibility and search engine understanding

Optimize page titles and descriptions with keywords to enhance image rankings and overall SEO

Define image dimensions to prevent layout shifts, make images mobile-friendly, and implement lazy loading for faster initial page load times

Use structured data and monitor image performance with tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to continually improve image SEO

Following Google's image guidelines ensures proper indexing and ranking, leading to better visibility in search results