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Introducing a new way of creating Video Articles

By Vigneshwari
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To Get Started:

Log in to the dashboard. Go to Post -> Create -> Select Video Format

Step 1: Post Details


Fill in the essential post details:

  • Title
  • English Title
  • Summary
  • Meta Description


Step 2: Custom Thumbnail or Featured Video

You can either upload a custom thumbnail from media library in Custom Thumbnail field or copy-paste the video share URL in the Featured Video field which will automatically uploads the thumbnail detected in the video.

Step 3: Adding Featured Video

Click the Add Featured Video 

Copy-paste the share URL of the video (Eg: YouTube Video) in the Media URL. Set the Custom Height for the video in Custom Height field if required.

Once done, below is how it looks in the editor

To Edit/Delete Video URL and Custom Height, go to the extended menu as shown below

You can also Preview/Delete the Custom Thumbnail as shown below

Step 4: Add your content for the video post/article 


Step 5: Monitor warnings and keep track of your SEO score, following the recommendations for fixes 

Step 6: Advanced Post Properties


  • Access Level: Use this field to specify if the articles/posts is for logged-in users or public access.
  • Custom Date: Use this field for backdating purposes.
  • Select Schema: Choose a schema for the article.
  • Canonical URL: Provide the canonical URL for this content.
  • Meta Title: The main title displayed in search engine results.
  • OG Title: The title used when your content is shared on social media.
  • OG Description: A brief summary shown when your content is shared on social media.
  • Twitter Title: The title specifically for Twitter shares.
  • Twitter Description: A brief description for Twitter shares.
  • Code Injection Head: Include custom code to be injected into the head section of your web pages.
  • Custom Style Injection: Apply custom CSS styles to your posts

Also, for Assistance, provided with tooltips across the fields in the editor that you can refer to

Step 7: Preview and Publish the article

Finally, you can preview and publish the article. 

Step 8: Your article is now Live! 

Now, readers can directly play your video featured on the top of the article page followed by the content. 

Below is how it looks once published

Here is a walkthrough of the video creation process:

To know more about our other new features, visit: