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Introducing the Enriched and Advanced UI for Web Stories!

By Vigneshwari
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We are thrilled to announce a significant upgrade to our platform – the Enriched and Advanced UI for Web Stories! This enhancement revolutionizes your storytelling experience by seamlessly integrating powerful SEO recommendations and advanced properties into our platform, alongside a sleek and intuitive user interface.

What’s New:

  • Sleek Design: Enjoy a modern and streamlined user interface that enhances your workflow and makes creating web stories a joy.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Navigate through features seamlessly and effortlessly, thanks to improved usability and intuitive controls.
  • SEO Recommendations: Access actionable insights and recommendations to optimize your web stories for search engines, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.
  • Advanced Properties: Customize essential elements such as OG title, description, meta title, Twitter meta title, and description, empowering you to fine-tune your story's appearance across various platforms.
  • Custom Style Ingestion: Effortlessly apply custom styles to maintain brand consistency and enhance the visual appeal of your web stories, all within our user-friendly interface.
  • Assisted Fix it:  Streamline the implementation of SEO recommendations with our new Assisted "Fix it" feature. This tool guides you directly to the specific modules and fields needing refinements, saving you time and effort by eliminating the guesswork. Enjoy efficient and accurate updates with ease.

Benefits for You:

With the Enriched and Advanced UI for Web Stories, you can take your storytelling to the next level. From optimizing for search engines to crafting visually stunning narratives, our platform provides you with the tools and guidance you need to captivate your audience and drive results.

Get Started:

To experience the Enriched and Advanced UI for Web Stories, log in to your account and explore the updated interface. Whether you're a seasoned storyteller or just getting started, our comprehensive documentation and tutorials are here to support you every step of the way.

Creating a Web Story

 A Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Go to Create -> Web Story format 


Step 2: Provide the required details for the article.

Step 3: Upload custom thumbnails for both dimensions (optional).

By default, the cover image is considered a thumbnail, and the aspect ratios are:

  • 9:16 ratio | Used in Web Stories Section 


  • 16:9 ratio | Used in Home Page Category Section 

Step 4:  Upload the slides image, choose a template, set slide properties, and settings

 Fill in the details for slide-wise settings, title, description, CTA text (Text of the CTA button), CTA link (hyperlink of the CTA button) 

Advanced Properties Explained:

  • Custom Date: Use this field for backdating purposes.
  • Meta Title: The main title displayed in search engine results.
  • OG Title: The title used when your content is shared on social media.
  • OG Description: A brief summary shown when your content is shared on social media.
  • Twitter Title: The title specifically for Twitter shares.
  • Twitter Description: A brief description for Twitter shares.
  • Custom Style Injection: Apply custom CSS styles to your web stories.

Choosing Template:

  • Template 1: Image in Portrait view with title and description overlayed at bottom
  • Template 2: Image in landscape view with title and description highlighted at center

Step 5: Monitor warnings and keep track of your SEO score, following the recommendations for fixes

Assisted “Fix it” Feature:

Introducing the Assisted "Fix it" feature, designed to streamline the implementation of SEO recommendations and suggestions. This feature guides you directly to the specific module and fields where refinements are needed, saving you time and effort. Instead of searching for what and where to fix, Assisted "Fix it" takes you straight to the required sections, ensuring efficient and accurate updates.

Step 6: Set the post properties

Step 7: Preview and publish your web story

 Template 1:

Template 2: 


How it benefits the digital publishers:

Creating web stories offers digital publishers a range of benefits that can significantly enhance their online presence and engagement metrics:

  1. Enhanced User Engagement: Web stories provide a visually appealing and immersive experience for users, leading to increased engagement with your content.

  2. Improved Visibility: Web stories are prominently featured in search engine results, especially on mobile devices, increasing the likelihood of attracting organic traffic to your website.

  3. Higher Click-Through Rates (CTR): The interactive and visually rich nature of web stories tends to result in higher CTRs compared to traditional static content formats.

  4. Mobile-Friendly Content: With the majority of internet users accessing content via mobile devices, web stories are optimized for mobile viewing, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for mobile users.

  5. SEO Benefits: Web stories can contribute to your overall SEO strategy by providing additional opportunities to rank in search engine results pages (SERPs), particularly in the "Stories" carousel.

  6. Social Media Shareability: Web stories are highly shareable across social media platforms, allowing publishers to reach a wider audience and drive traffic back to their websites.

We can’t wait to see the incredible stories you’ll create with our new Enriched and Advanced UI for Web Stories!