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Feature Announcement: User Generated Content (UGC)

By Vigneshwari
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We are thrilled to announce a new feature "User-generated content (UGC)" which can offer several benefits for publishers in terms of building vibrant online communities, improving search visibility, creating a more dynamic and responsive digital presence, engagement, and audience growth.  

User-generated content (UGC) for digital publishers enables content created by the audience or users of a digital platform, rather than being exclusively generated by the publisher's editorial team. This form of content has become increasingly integral to the digital landscape, offering a range of benefits to publishers seeking to enhance engagement and expand their online presence.

 Note: This feature is available for publishers under Advanced, or Premium Tiers

 To get started with UGC, go to the Forms section in the dashboard.


 As shown below, provided with two tabs 

 1. Forms - List of forms created

2. Submission - All submissions against the form from the readers will be available in this tab 



Key Note: This Form section and submissions are visible only to Owners and Admins

Click 'Add New Form' -> Select 'Share your story'   

 Note: Currently, Share Your Story is the format available and Custom Form is coming soon! 

 Provide the Form Name and click Save 

 Fill the following information for the form to be created 

  • Form Name - Which you have provided above
  • Title - Title of the form which is displayed in this form page on website
  • Title in English - As the name conveys, title in English to be provided. If your title is provided in non-english language, then this field should be provided in English. As it will be the url of the form
  • Description - Content for the form page 
  • Featured Image - Banner image of the form 

 Note: Fields with * are mandatory 

 Once all information is provided click Save


Readers' field previews are available below

Once saved, the Form will be successfully created and available in the Forms tab as shown below. Users can view forms, view submissions, edit, and delete


Note: Can add a new form anytime by clicking Add New Form on the top-right as shown below. Next to it, is a search form by name available

 The view Form option in the dashboard will take you to the corresponding form page on the website. Ensure to log in to view the form being created


 Website | Form Page

Readers can use this page to submit their stories 


Below is the same on how the readers can submit their story to you


 Once they click Send, below the confirmation message that will be shown to the readers upon submission

Dashboard | Forms section

 To view the submissions click View Submission (Option to view the submission for this specific form) or go to the Submission tab (list of submissions for all the forms) 


On click of View Submission, a list of submissions for a specific form is available. Following are the details

  • Form name 
  • Email of the reader who submitted the form 
  • Form Type 
  • Submitted Date 
  • Action - View and Unseen/Seen       



Under Action -> View will take to reader submission post where you can 

  • Send to draft - moves the posts to draft section of the dashboard
  • Status - status of the form
  • Notes - You can add private notes as shown below. Once you submit, it will be available for that posts
  • Timeline - Any action performed will be recorded in this timeline with required details



 On click of "Send to Draft", the posts will be saved to draft section. You can Edit Story/View Story as shown below



You can edit the story after required formatting and publish once done 



 Once published, it will be available in the published section as shown below 



Note: Use Team section to first add the contributor. Then, the name is going to be available in the credit dropdown in create/edit mode, you can use this field to give credit to the reader whoever submitted the article 



 This way you can create and manage forms and reader submissions

 How it benefits the digital publishers

 1. Authenticity and Trust: UGC is prized for its authenticity. In a digital era saturated with branded content, user-generated material provides a refreshing authenticity that resonates with audiences. The trust users place in content generated by their peers contributes to a more credible and genuine online environment.

 2. Diverse Perspectives: Embracing UGC enables digital publishers to tap into a wealth of diverse perspectives, experiences, and voices. This diversity enriches the content landscape, making it more inclusive and reflective of the varied interests and backgrounds of the audience.

 3. Enhanced Engagement: UGC fosters higher levels of engagement as it invites active participation from the audience. Digital platforms that encourage users to contribute content, share experiences, and participate in discussions benefit from increased user interaction, longer time spent on the platform, and higher click-through rates.

 4. Cost-Effective Content Creation: Digital publishers often face the challenge of producing a constant stream of fresh and engaging content. UGC provides a cost-effective solution as users contribute content voluntarily, reducing the burden on the publisher's resources while maintaining a steady flow of material.

 5. Community Building: UGC plays a pivotal role in building a sense of community around a digital platform. When users feel their contributions are valued, it fosters a sense of belonging and encourages sustained participation, creating a vibrant and loyal community.

 7. SEO Benefits: Search engines favor dynamic and regularly updated content. UGC, when appropriately managed and curated, contributes to a continuously evolving digital landscape, improving search engine rankings and driving organic traffic to the publisher's website.


Overall, Incorporating user-generated content into digital publishing strategies enhances authenticity, diversifies content offerings, and fosters a more engaged and loyal audience. Digital publishers can harness the power of UGC to build vibrant online communities, improve search visibility, and create a more dynamic and responsive digital presence.