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Feature Announcement: Smart Links

By Vigneshwari
New Update
Smart Link Feature_Publive

We are thrilled to announce a new feature "Smart Links" that enables the publishers to build hyperlinks or URLs that are generated to provide a tailored and enhanced user experience. These links are typically used for contextual linking in content management, and analytics to optimize the way users interact with their content. These are distinct from regular hyperlinks in that they offer various features and capabilities to improve engagement and provide valuable insights. 

NoteThis feature is available for publishers under Advanced, or Premium Tiers 

To get started, go to the new Smart Link section available in the dashboard as shown below


Note: This feature is accessible to Owner and Admin

To create a smart link, click Create Link as shown below


Below are the field to create a smart link

Keyphrase - Enter the keyword/keyphrase for which you want to build links and click Search

The scale of usability - The tool analyzes & lists relevant published posts count and based on the usability metrics it suggests the following scale  

  • Good - Recommended and Good to use the keyword entered as sufficient relevant posts are available to build the contextual linking
  • Ok - Not sufficient posts available, but can be utilized
  • Bad - Not recommended as fewer relevant posts are available which will not make a sufficient impact

Target Link - Enter the link that will be added as a hyperlink to the mentioned keyphrase. 

Link label - Label for the link to be provided for SEO purposes. A name/description of the link for the reference to the crawler, identify as a reliable source            

Once all information are provided, click Create Smart Link -> It will be created and available in the smart link as shown

Dashboard | Smart Link section 

Note: Can update & delete the smart link when required

Website | Article

The below article has the keyword and hyperlink defined through the smart link. This was automatically added by the tool. Similarly, other relevant articles will be updated & linked through the smart link in a single-go 

Note: Recent 50 articles will be updated with this smart link and any new article that will be published post the smart link creation

How does this feature help Digital Publishers?

Enhancing User Experience: Smartlinks improve the overall user experience by providing clickable links that lead to relevant and informative content. They make it easier for users to navigate and access the information they need.

Improved SEO: Properly used smartlinks can improve search engine optimization by creating a network of interlinked content. Search engines favor websites with a well-structured internal linking strategy, which can boost a website's visibility in search results.

Monetization Opportunities: Publishers can use smartlinks to promote affiliate products or sponsored content, generating additional revenue when readers click on these links and make purchases.

Content Navigation: Smartlinks make it easier for publishers to guide readers through their content, ensuring that readers discover related articles, resources, which can lead to a more comprehensive understanding of the topic.

Reduced Bounce Rates: By providing valuable and engaging links, smartlinks can reduce bounce rates as readers are more likely to stay on the website and explore further.

In summary, smartlinks benefit publishers by increasing user engagement, driving revenue, improving SEO, and providing valuable data for optimization. For readers, smartlinks enhance the user experience, aid in content discovery, offer a deeper understanding of topics, and reduce bounce rates by guiding them to related content. When used effectively, smartlinks can create a win-win situation for both content creators and their audience.