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Feature Announcement: Navbar Configuration

By Vigneshwari
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Navbar Configuration
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We are thrilled to announce a keenly requested feature, Navbar Configuration, live now in the dashboard. You can do all the configuration related to the navbar by going to the configuration section -> Navigation as shown below

This feature helps the publishers to create/update/arrange/remove menu items on the website navbar. These customizations can be done by the publishers directly 

Note: This configuration section is accessible only to Owners and Admins




 To get started with the Navbar Configuration, go to Navigation -> Click Add tab 

On click of the Add tab, fill in the following details

  • Tab name - the name of the menu item 
  • Tab type 
    • Link - Select this option to add the menu item with a link (internal/external)
    • Dropdown - Select this option to add sub-menu items to the parent item 

 1. Adding menu item as a Link as shown below. Following are the details to be filled

  • Tab name - Menu item name
  • Tab type - Link
  • Tab url - menu item url
  • Select Parent Tab (Optional) - selecting any existing parent item/ menu item from this dropdown, will allow the new menu item to be added as a child item to it  

Once done, click "Create New Tab"

Note:  Click Save for the changes to reflect on the website

Dashboard | Menu item as a Link 


Website | Menu item as a Link  - News & Launches is an example 


2. Adding menu item as a dropdown as shown below. Following are the details to be filled

  • Tab name - Menu item name
  • Tab type - Dropdown
  • Child Tabs - At least one child item is to be selected as sub-menu item
  • Tab URL - URL of the child item

 Dashboard | menu item as a dropdown 


Website | menu item as a dropdown - Tech & Trends is an example 


Once all the menu items are added, click Save for the changes to be visible on the website



Note: Collapsing/expanding options for dropdown menu items, re-ordering of sub-menu items, and deleting, and editing menu items are possible