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Feature Announcement: Google News Follow Us button

By Vigneshwari
New Update
Feature: Google News Follow Us

Start expanding your readership and increase engagement using the new Google News Follow Us button feature available within the Article page of the Website. With this feature, now readers can follow the publisher's news sources building a loyal readership in a way publishers expand their audience.

Desktop View

Desktop view: Google News Follow Us button

Mobile View

Mobile view: Google News Follow Us button

How does this feature help Digital Publishers

Audience Growth

By enabling the "Follow Us" button on their website publishers can encourage readers to follow their news source. This enables publishers to build a loyal readership base and expand their audience.

Increased Visibility

When readers follow a publisher, their content is more likely to appear in the personalized news feeds of those users. This increased visibility can lead to higher click-through rates and attract new readers who might not have discovered the publisher in Google News otherwise.

Reader Retention

Readers will receive regular updates and notifications about new articles and news from Google News. This helps publishers maintain engagement with their audience and keep readers coming back for more.

Brand Exposure

Readers who follow a publisher become more familiar with the brand and its content. This can lead to improved brand recognition and increased exposure, as users may share or recommend the publisher's articles to others, amplifying the reach.

Overall, this feature empowers publishers to grow their reach, engagement, and revenue potential within the Google News ecosystem.

To get started, create Google news publication (https://publishercenter.google.com/) and kindly reach out to enable this feature to [email protected]