Short: Topical Authority: How Google Ranks Expert Sources

Topical authority is a way for Google to determine the best content for news-related queries

It measures a publication's expertise, influence, originality, and reputation on a specific topic or location

Users can find content that matches their interests and needs, as well as discover new sources through topical authority

It helps users find diverse and inclusive content by highlighting publications with different perspectives and voices

Topical authority is not a fixed score and depends on the user's query, available content, and topic of interest

It is a quality signal, not a ranking factor, and does not guarantee appearance in Google Search or News

Factors to build topical authority include high-quality content, backlinks from reputable sources, consistent updates, and community engagement

Building topical authority is a gradual process that requires a commitment to providing valuable and trustworthy information

Google uses other signals such as freshness, relevance, diversity, and user feedback to deliver high-quality results

Topic authority is part of Google's effort to provide helpful and trustworthy information to users