Google announced March 2024 core update and new spam policies

Google has announced the March 2024 core update, which aims to enhance the quality of search results and reduce unhelpful content

This update is different from previous ones as it focuses on promoting more useful information and refining core ranking systems

Along with the core update, Google has also introduced new spam policies to combat tactics that undermine search quality

The spam policies target expired domain abuse, scaled content abuse, and site reputation abuse

By cracking down on these tactics, Google aims to maintain the integrity of search results and protect users from misleading information

Content teams need to shift away from manipulative strategies and prioritize creating genuine, user-centric content

Embracing expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness in content is crucial to align with Google's quality standards

Expect fluctuations in rankings and longer adjustment periods due to the comprehensive nature of the update

Sustainable and ethical SEO practices should be prioritized over short-term gains through gimmicky tactics

Regularly updating and streamlining content, as well as maintaining a user-friendly website, can enhance relevance and user experience in search rankings