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Indian Express Tamil's Page Views Triple in 45 Days on PubLive

Indian Express Tamil partnered with PubLive to break through growth barriers, leveraging AI-driven content optimization and robust backend infrastructure. The outcome? A 3x surge in page views in a mere 45 days.

By Sakshi
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About Indian Express Tamil

Indian Express Tamil, a prominent name in the world of Tamil news and content, has been serving its audience with quality journalism and insightful reporting. They cover a wide range of topics, including news, politics, entertainment, culture, and more, catering to the diverse interests of Tamil-speaking readers. The website is part of the Indian Express Group, one of India’s most respected media houses with a legacy of over 8 decades.

A Quest for Limitless Growth

Despite their established reputation, Indian Express Tamil faced a unique challenge. They had hit a plateau in their growth trajectory and were eager to break through this barrier. Their goal was clear - they needed to rejuvenate their online presence, engage a wider audience, and expand their reach. This is where PubLive stepped in, with our innovative solutions.



PubLive Unleashed

Our full-stack CMS powered with AI, became the catalyst for Indian Express Tamil's transformation. Our platform offered a plethora of key features designed to supercharge their content publishing and growth strategy. Here's how we achieved this together:

  1. Content Optimization: Our AI-driven content optimization tools helped Indian Express Tamil enhance the discoverability and relevance of their articles, ensuring their content was reaching the right audience.
  2. Strong Backend Infrastructure: We helped with a fast and responsive backend which resulted in improving engagement metrics and higher search rankings. Our powerful and flexible analytics dashboard additionally helped them by providing insights into user behavior and preferences.
  3. SEO Boost: Our advanced SEO tools were instrumental in increasing the visibility of Indian Express Tamil's content on search engines, leading to higher organic search sessions.

With PubLive, Indian Express Tamil was able to transform its website into a modern and attractive platform that appealed to its existing and potential readers. They also benefited from the AI capabilities of our platform which helped them optimize their content strategy and distribution.

The Impact

The results speak for themselves. In just 30 days after migrating to us, Indian Express Tamil witnessed a remarkable boost in its performance.

Here are some key metrics showcasing their success:

 Page views


Views per session





Timeline: Comparing data for 45 days: 05th Sep ‘23 to 20th Oct ‘23 vs. 21st Jul ‘23 to 5th Sept'23


Vision for Tomorrow

Thrilled with their newfound growth, Indian Express Tamil is enthusiastic about the future. They plan to extend their relationship with us, bringing more of their websites onto our platform to unlock exceptional growth opportunities. The journey has only just begun, and the future looks brighter than ever.