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450% Surge in Page Views For Indian Startup News

This case study details how Indian Startup News achieved a 450% surge in page views through a partnership with PubLive. The collaboration significantly boosted user engagement and visibility by optimizing infrastructure and amplifying presence.

By Sakshi
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About Indian Startup News

Indian Startup News is a pioneering media and information platform dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage of the Indian startup ecosystem. Founded in 2019, it has quickly emerged as a beacon for startups across tier 2 and tier 3 cities, bridging the gap between aspiring entrepreneurs and established players in the industry. With a commitment to empowerment, connection, and growth, Indian Startup News aims to amplify the voices of emerging ventures and facilitate their integration into the broader startup community.

Problem Statement

Despite its noble mission and relentless dedication to spotlighting untapped entrepreneurial talent, Indian Startup News faced challenges in achieving widespread recognition and scalability. The platform struggled to amplify its reach across diverse platforms, maintain a swift and structured infrastructure, and attract a larger user base to engage with its content.



PubLive Unleashed

In collaboration with Indian Startup News, PubLive spearheaded transformative initiatives that propelled the platform to new heights of success:




Page Views and Users Surge: 

During an electrifying nine-month partnership, Indian Startup News achieved an extraordinary 450-fold surge in page views, signaling a seismic shift in audience interest and engagement. Publive's strategic collaboration ignited this exponential growth, just 2 months ago they hit a milestone of 4 lakh plus active users.



Platform Amplification:

Leveraging PubLive's strategic expertise, Indian Startup News witnessed a substantial amplification of its presence on prominent platforms like Google Discover and Google News. Through targeted optimization techniques done by PubLive, the platform's visibility surged, enabling it to reach a broader audience base and establish itself as a go-to source for startup-related insights and updates.


Infrastructure Optimization:

PubLive's meticulous attention to detail ensured the seamless optimization of Indian Startup News' infrastructure, maintaining its fast and structured framework while adhering to Core Web Vitals standards. This technical refinement powered by Publive not only enhanced user experience but also contributed to improved search engine rankings, further augmenting the platform's visibility and accessibility.


Vision for Tomorrow

Buoyed by its extraordinary achievements, Indian Startup News stands at the threshold of a transformative era characterized by boundless opportunities and exponential growth. With PubLive as its trusted ally, the platform envisions further consolidation of its position as a catalyst for change within the Indian startup landscape, championing inclusivity, innovation, and collaboration every step of the way.