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400% Growth in Organic Clicks and Impressions for Tice with Publive

Tice saw an increase in organic clicks and impressions by 400% after joining PubLive. Streamlining content development using newsletters and analytics boosted growth and collaboration.

By Sakshi
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About Tice:

TICE is an affiliate member of the prestigious PRINT AND DIGITAL MEDIA ASSOCIATION (PADMA) and believes in objective, neutral, and responsible journalism. They select stories within the Indian Startup ecosystem and rely on various direct and indirect resources, including news agencies, media reports, research reports, and independent research and ideation.

Problem Statement:

Tice started as a platform in 2022, it needed a strong CMS that would provide growth and enable its editorial team to build a one-stop place to share exciting stories throughout the week.


Tice 1M

PubLive Unleashed:

Our full-stack CMS powered with AI, became the catalyst for Tice newfound growth. Our platform offered a plethora of key features designed to supercharge their content publishing and growth strategy. Here's how we achieved this together:

  • Newsletter Boost: Delivered articles and weekly roundups by email newsletter to their audience, so they are in the loop whenever something new goes live.


  • Unmatched Analytics: Our powerful and flexible analytics dashboard additionally helped them by providing insights into user behavior and preferences supported with in-depth reports. 

  • Time-Saving Process: Our backend supported by advanced tools was instrumental in saving time for Tice’s content creation and Distribution process and better coordination in the entire workflow.

The Impact 




A Vision for Tomorrow:

Tice is thrilled about their early accomplishment in utilising the tools that are available on our platform to achieve exceptional growth for their website. They are excited about the prospect of boosting their growth prospects by taking advantage of the numerous possibilities that our platform provides.

We are not done yet; the road ahead is very promising. 


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